Hill Affairs
Peace in the hill areas of Darjeeling district has been restored. Numbers of tourists in this area have been increasing day by day and the Tourism Industry of Darjeeling has been rejuvenated.

The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Act, 2011 has come into force with effect from 15.03.2012 and the election to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Sabha has been held on 29th July, 2012 and Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Sabha (GTA) has been formed with effect from 4th August, 2012.

Status to the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and the Executive Members of GTA has been determined.

Additional Central Assistance of Rs. 65 crore has been allotted during 2012 - 2013 to Gorkhaland Territorial Administration for this purpose.

Notifications for transfer of departments/offices to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration have been issued by 34(thirty four) Departments. A compendium of the notifications has been printed.

The process of setting up School Service Commission and College Service Commission for the GTA area has been taken up by the School Education Department and the Higher Education Department respectively.

Over 7000 persons have been recruited from the areas of Darjeeling district since May 2011 comprising 6500 Civic Volunteers, 80 S.I.s and 566 constables (340 male + 226 lady constables).

An amount of Rs.63.69 crore under Plan Sector and Rs.244.18 crore under Non-Plan sector during the financial year 2011-2012, an amount of Rs. 194.11 crore under Plan Sector and Rs. 351.28 crore under Non-Plan Sector during the financial year 2012 – 2013, an amount of Rs 243.67 crores under plan sector and Rs 403.08 crores under non-plan sector during the financial year 2013-14 and an amount of Rs 31.83 crores under plan sector and Rs 405.75 crores under non plan sector during the financial year 2014-15 so far has been sanctioned to GTA for development of Hill areas in Darjeeling.

Various schemes under communication, education, rural electrification, Irrigation & Waterways, fisheries, sports & youth welfare, tourism, health &family welfare, minor irrigation, public health engineering sector etc. have been undertaken with the fund allotted to Gorkhaland Territorial Administration under State Plan.

Major schemes like the construction of new roads connecting villages with block, sub-divisional and district head quarters, upgradation of major roads in different municipalities, construction and repair of school buildings, rural electrification, construction and improvement of community halls, river bank and jhora protection works, improvement of water supply in rural as well as urban areas, improvement of district hospitals and primary health centres, improvement of Mink Lake, renovation and improvement of different tourist lodges etc. under Gorkhaland Territorial Administration area have been taken up for execution under Special Central Assistance Sector.

Under RIDF different schemes like construction of Rural Roads, Minor Irrigation, Social Sector projects like construction of new school buildings and reconstruction of old school buildings, construction of bridge etc. are being implemented.