Chief Minister's Message
Those who are born to look after their own interests only are selfish. The world is not for personal interests but for the interest of everybody.
Life is a precious one that comes and goes away. These precious moments should be utilized in the correct manner.
Never hurt a friend who you trust. A trustworthy friend is to be protected with respect and honour.
Jealousy is one of our greatest enemies. Jealousy destroys our propensity of work. Do away with jealousy. Eliminate it, keep yourself in good spirit.
Work is sacred. Whatever work we do, our workplace is holy temple. Our home is our shelter. Our workplace is also our shelter for life and livelihood. One should love the workplace like one’s home and do the work with love and devotion.
Negative mindset reflects despondency, brings mental distress. It is better to stay away from negative thoughts.
Earlier, everybody used to believe every word from news media as it was to portray the voice of the people. Now the biggies of the news media run along with their business interests. That is why people do not believe them.
The most durable treasure one has in their respective lives is their mental strength and willpower.
Never compromise with self-interest. Self-interest is the evil fruit of selfish attitude.
Do not harm other, do your work. The time spent in harming others will curtail you from doing your own good work.
Impertinence and arrogance are the two biggest diseases in our life. The only cure from these diseases is to stay away from the, or else downfall is inevitable.
One has to focus on the aim of life before plunging into the outer sphere. The aim cannot be imposed on somebody from his or her childhood. It should build up with education, before the Madhyamik examination, which is one of the vital times. Mental health should also be built up with games, cultural activities, keeping the body fit, reading good books, getting inspired from the biographies of great personalities in order to be fearless and honest. All these give birth to good thoughts.
Poverty is not our sin. To rise in life with diligence by fighting poverty is the real challenge.
Slander and malicious campaigns are signs of weakness.
Good education provides people the sense of responsibility on social awareness. Bad education, on the other hand, detaches people from the society and the world.
To respect and to give respect is our national tradition. To pay respect to honorable personalities is a sacred duty.
Good education increases social responsibility, helps to create a proper human being.
Religion is the fullest manifestation of humanism. Religion means humanity. Religion means logic. Religion does not mean superstition.
This is true that not everybody can do every work. But, any minute but good work must be appreciated.
Let’s build together an ideal society for the youth, those who will not fear to sacrifice their own life to do good to the others.
It is not despair, but hope which should be one’s dream. Despair is one of the greatest darkness of our life. Keep it away.
Problems will always arise in life. The word `solution` was created because there is problem. A To find solution to a problem and step ahead is the meaning of a successful life.
May it be politics or rules of religion or work, transparency should be maintained. One should not choose religion to facilitate politics. It is also a crime to associate religion with work and for the sake of facilitating personal interests.
It is our sacred duty to stand beside the poverty ridden people, give them a hand of support. Everybody should come forward and help the poverty ridden.
Whatever gifts human beings have are precious to each of their lives. The intelligence, talent, work-power human beings have are much precious than monetary wealth.
Hold your head high. Look at the front while you walk. Dream about a successful future. You will be rewarded in the future.
The wish to get something is not life. One needs to know how to get detached from power.
It is not a crime to be born poor. But it is a crime to sell poverty and get happiness.
Unholy provocations increase with greed. If you cannot control greed, you may fall in traps. It is better not to fall in traps of greed.
Greed comes to your life as precious moments, but it nullifies your honour and leads to decadence.
Save greenery. It is amongst the greenery that life attains fluffiness. Green means transparency. Green means credibility of the young mind.
The greenery of the jungle keeps the spirit of the health and mid afresh. Why should we then exploit the jungle?
One has to acquire one’s rights. The rights should not be abused but respected.